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Lesson of the day

When taking digital pictures of objects of sentimental value before discarding them, make sure that you do not in fact do all of the following:

(1) Discard the objects immediately after taking pictures.
(2) Transfer the digital pictures into iPhoto, via the nice USB connection that came with your digital camera.
(3) Stop the transfer manually because iPhoto is dying a horrible death, but observe that all the pictures appear to have transferred to the appropriate folder on the hard drive.
(4) Subsequently delete all the pictures off the camera.
(5) Discover that iPhoto, while dying a horrible death, has taken your whole OS with it.
(6) Restart the computer and notice that iPhoto, in its previous death throes, has taken all the new pictures with it. The beeyatch.
Tags: arg, damn, goodbye sentimentality, mooooo, well fuck

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