Jalen Strix (jalenstrix) wrote,
Jalen Strix

Quoteses, preeeeecious....

...because I noticed I hadn't added to my quotes page in a bit, and I had a stockpile of them. It never ceases to amuse me that these occur in the course of actual conversation. Some of my favorites from the most recent batch beneath the cut.

  • "He's like a piece of fluff undergoing Brownian motion. Except Brownian motion usually only applies to really tiny particles." - treyvadi
  • "Arrrgh! Ye dare to invade purveyors of piping, prepared pirate provisions -- perhaps prettily presented -- perceivin' it perfectly plinky to go without me? The plank with ye -- the *PLANK*" - eipi_1
  • "You do that. You ride a matrix of kittens and I'll drive my truck." - Joshua-monkey
  • "Food is not only mighty, but cunning. It hides in the swamp, wearing a hat shaped like a baby bird." - emprint
  • "I've just been owned by psychedelic bees." - neopanda
  • "Well, lady or not, fuck fuck fuck goddamn incompetent shit-for-brain fuckmonkeys! I am displeased. And disoriented. Also discharging disgusting goo." - reene
  • "Agony shma-gagony." - ChK

Tags: happy things, my friends have lovely words, quoteses, words

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