Jalen Strix (jalenstrix) wrote,
Jalen Strix

The Fantastical Continental Adventures, Part the Third

Following their refreshing rest at the abode of the Prince of Networks & Cats, jalenstrix and thewronghands sought the enclave of Chedd's, which was fabled to contain magical sustenance in the form of Make Your Own Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. With the Prince's directions, our two protagonists merrily made their was a short distance and feasted on ambrosial garlic & herb cheese and provolone, sun-dried tomato spreads and fresh spinach, and rosemary potato rolls. Blissfully fortified, they returned to the Prince's through the sunlight.

Not too long thereafter, thewronghands had her revenge upon the foul djinn of Work, for she was vindicated as being In The Right at last. Lo, did she do a merry dance around the abode of the Prince, much to the delight of jalenstrix and the Prince's cats!

After this, the Prince of Network & Cats and the Princess of Chinchillas joined jalenstrix and thewronghands for a lovely quest to the Great and Lovely City of Boulder, riding in the Prince's well-drawn chariot. Once there, all party members began to collect their own personal amalgam of Worthy Items. It soon became apparent that jalenstrix was on an unspoken quest to find Paper With Interersting Things Upon It, including dragonflies and poetic words of summoning. And it soon became apparent that thewronghands's unspoken quest was to delight jalenstrix by doing such glorious deeds as running through open fountains without the hindrance of electronics, procuring coffee ice cream, and bringing joy to a pirate.

And then, the Prince and Princess led jalenstrix and thewronghands to the Candy Elysian Fields that is Powell's Sweet Shoppe. Serenaded by the notes of the Oompah-Loompah song and surrounded by magical items such as gummy brains, Sexy ginger dark chocolate, and ginger drops, jalenstrix and thewronghands did indeed procure sugared fortification for the continuation of the main quest the next day. To celebrate, they danced gleefully, much to the gentle amusement of the Prince. (Though jalenstrix was a bit put out that thewronghands had used Quick Action & Reason to pay the shopkeeper for their sweets before she could stop her.)

Then, the party journeyed to the Dushanbe Teahouse, to dine with charming and boisterous company. They sampled concoctions of pineapple juice and hibiscus and panda tears, tasted fresh tuna and sprouts of unmitigated green, and were then all cleverly tricked by the Prince into letting him pay for dinner. (Wily is the prince, indeed!)

Then, the party journeyed back to Denver, seeing the Princess off safely to her abode to attend to her adorably furry subjects. The Prince then wandered with jalenstrix and thewronghands into the Indie Bookstore of Temptation. Though it was the Prince who had led them there, it was thewronghands who was channeling regyt's Voice of Temptation that caused jalenstrix to procure far too many Books of Wonder. To repay her for her tricksy ways, jalenstrix bombarded thewronghands with Reason & Sudden Force to procure thewronghands's books for her. And then jalenstrix did gleefully dance alongside the Prince at thewronghands's resigned, chagrined, and pleased state.

At last, the party journeyed back to the abode of the Prince, to the warm comfort of furry catling creatures and the connection to the Interwebs. And then, jalenstrix and thewronghands did sleep.
Tags: boulder, delicious gingery goodness, denver, green food, oompah loompah, pirate delight, tea and more tea, that kind of story, the prince of cats and networks, the princess of chinchillas, weeeee, wenchings

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