Jalen Strix (jalenstrix) wrote,
Jalen Strix

The Fantastical Continental Adventures, Part the Fourth

...which are posted considerably after said adventures have been completed, as I've been caught up with the whole, "Oooh, I'm here - quick, organize everything! Make those lists! Check things off them! Go, go, go!"

The Denver-ings continued for jalenstrix and thewronghands, with jalenstrix striking out on her own for wanderings while thewronghands and the Prince of Networks & Cats were sucked away into the temporary abyss of Work. Given very clear directions by the Prince, jalenstrix managed to wander towards the correct realm and acquire such treasures as pistachio gelato and blue lip gloss. Alas, for she also acquired the sunburn! Fie upon the altitude with its thinner atmosphere!

But then, jalenstrix returned and together, she and thewronghands made their way along the road to Albuquerque, bolstered by yet more Harry Potter 7. As a respite from their journey, they visited the truly lovely jonaskaite, possessor of the Quelling Look (TM), in desert-y fae lands. Recipients of her most kind hospitality in the form of dinner-ing and being shown fantastic works of art nestled in her hidden city, jalenstrix and thewronghands departed from the company of jonaskaite in high spirits.

Yet the road to Albuquerque was strangely long nonetheless - perhaps this was jalenstrix's and thewronghands's payment for having partaken of fairy food and drink. Still, 'twas worth it to our adventurers and eventually they did arrive in the fabled city of Albuquerque, wherein lived the Queen's Mother. The Queen's Mother did also show our protagonists most kind hospitality, plying them with food and good will and soft beds and a gorgeous castle of hand-crafted finery. While the abyss of Work Conference Calls stole thewronghands temporarily, jalenstrix wandered a nearby arroyo with the Queen's Mother, soaking in the magic of the desert-lands. She did see roadrunners and tombstones with the Queen's Mother, though sadly acquiring more sunburn at the time. But it was a small sacrifice, indeed. That evening, all feasted upon delicious salmon and greens. Then, everyone did journey via mechanical steed to the top of a nearby mountain, wandering through the thinnish air and surveying the majesty of the sunset. A race to the steed on the way down ensued, and jalenstrix did triumph, though only just.

The next morning, the Queen's Mother took jalenstrix and thewronghands to see the great and ancient petroglyphs of Albuquerque. thewronghands was delighted to find a black widow spider amongst the petroglyphs, while jalenstrix and the Queen's Mother were less so. Afterwards, jalenstrix and thewronghands journeyed to refreshment with ilcyclic and spsh, experimenting with different forms of edible vegetarian goo. Subsequent wanderings led to Old Town Albuquerque, with its Rattlesnake Museum and plethora of acquirable booty (to wit: postcards and notecards and dreamcatchers and chili snaps and wooden flutes and desert garb and blue-colored sweets). Feasting of the Mexican variety followed, in the witty company of ilcyclic, elegantelbows, and attutle. But alas, for all were wenched by the tricksy ilcyclic who paid the gold for the meal when all were distracted.

Then, jalenstrix and thewronghands journeyed by night to Sedona, with its desert climes (this time with significant humidity, because of an ensuing monsoon, and much to thewronghands's delight), more Potter chapters, and crackling thunderstorms. Arriving in Sedona after the beasts of Traffic were appeased, our protagonists flopped joyfully into the room, conquered internet tomfoolery with the help of the hotel's desk elf, and were granted the glorious Late Checkout that did allow for the sleeping in.

In Sedona-land, jalenstrix and jalenstrix did hunt the mighty and elusive pizza, subject to electrical outages caused by incipient thunderstorms. They did then hunt the mighty Floofy New Age Places, and received some words of wisdom from a Very Nice Wizard who insisted upon not taking their gold for said words of wisdom. Our protagonists were rather puzzled by this behavior, but eventually chalked it up to him being a Very Nice Wizard. In the same place as the Wizard, they did also acquire booty in the form of Goblin books and Harry Potter wands. Following this, they hiked an unexpected 8 miles along Bell Rock, searching for the fabled Vortexes of Sedona. Alas, for they did not find them, apparently being insufficiently enlightened. Nonetheless, they were decidedly enlightened about the hiking itself, despite jalenstrix being woefully ill-shod.

Then, it was time for the last leg of their journey, from Sedona to California. After complaining to the Universe that there were no interesting signposts for sustenance, jalenstrix and thewronghands were quite pleased to discover that the Universe responded by providing one. Thus did they dine at Storytellers, a restaurant inside a casino on an Apache reservation, replete with rock formations and deep colored lighting and lovely waiters with preternaturally long hair. Afterwards, they departed to CA, finishing Potter-dom just as they crossed the border. Weary from their drive, they did flop for a few hours at a rest stop a short crow's flight away from their final destination. When the sun rose, they rode their trusty steed into the new abode of jalenstrix and quelled the Godzillas Within with breakfast at Panera.

And thus are the fantastical continental adventures of jalenstrix and thewronghands. Long live adventuring!
Tags: creative, desert lands, faerie lands, hospitality of loooove, story, that kind of story, through dangers untold, we made it we made it, wenched

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