Jalen Strix (jalenstrix) wrote,
Jalen Strix


... is many things, among them

  1. Actually making it to San Francisco, despite Traffic of Doooooom (TM)
  2. Seeing a recently-moved-to-San-Francisco-from-NY friend I haven't seen in many, many moons (yay, modularformsboy!)
  3. Dining at the lovely Stinking Rose, and still being surrounded by a cloud of garlic 12 hours later
  4. By spur-of-the-moment consensus, attending a once-a-month dark wave 80s club night in San Francisco that turned out to be fabulous (yay, Siouxsie & the Banshees!), including lovely Czech Republic girls who will do silly impromptu pantomime with me to some of the gothier songs played
  5. My lovely, lovely boy, who made sure I didn't pass out from sleep dep, did all the driving to and from the club and scored a rock-star quality parking spot right outside of it, organized the clubbing adventure in the first place, led the quest around parts of San Francisco despite being sleep-depped himself, danced the happy dancings with me for hours at the club, and who is the king of cuddlings and debating and adventures. I loves him, preeeeecious.

Tags: adventures, happy things, joseph, modularformsboy, san francisco, this kind of story, yay

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