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Lovely, lovely book...

I've just recently started reading Goedel, Escher, Bach (given to me by the Lady - hurrah!) for the very first time. (I know, I know...where have I been? I'm so hopelessly out-of-date with books to read.)

But even having only gotten through the preface, I'm completely hooked. This is possibly because the author is an academic who happens to be a language-afficionado, with a yen for artificial intelligence, and an occasionally sardonic writing style. Not that I know anyone like that, nope, nosirree...

Ah. It is such fun to have a good book to read.

In other news, I seem to be on better terms with Mr. Ross. (Who may well be mortified I'm mentioning him in my livejournal yet again, but perhaps eyeball tea will soothe. Still, it's probably all right since this is a friendly white-flag sort of mention.)
I'm definitively pleased by this and thus, before I change my mind, I'm noting it down for the top 50 radio stations to take heed and call me on it, should my impressions change for some reason.

Ah, and dancing. My fire elemental dance teacher is pleased enough with my progress that she's allowing me to skip ahead early to her Bronze level class. So, assuming there are lessons this summer, Bronze Level American Style, here I come. [grin]

Ooh, and I've seen a more recent update of my house in Columbia - and I'm all excited about decorating and setting things up just how I like. Plus, my parents have promised to buy me an electric piano of my choice as a graduation present - which means I'll get to play on a regular basis again. Hurrah! Also, the drive to Columbia is only 35 minutes and there are several back roads and cut-arounds to be taken in case of traffic.

As well, I noticed they're offering History of the German Language (GERM449L) next semester. Given that I'm taking Old Norse and History of the English Language and thoroughly enjoying them both, I've gleefully signed up. (Well, after checking that German fluency wasn't required.) So my schedule is Computational Neuroscience, Computational Evolution, and History of the German Language, with an occasional sit-in on Advanced Syntax I, taught by Lasnik. Woo hoo, schedule!
Tags: academic, ballroom, dancing, happy things, linguistics, ross

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