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Ah, what a gorgeous afternoon and evening I've got in store - awards ceremony for the CMSC college, poetry reading (of a poem I still think is my best to date, posted below), and engineering spring banquet and dancing with my Foxe. Hurrah!

He was full of Forest.
Full of green and kitten fur
And sunlight on my fingernails.
He smelled of clover
And electric blue and crickle spark.
And quiet after dark under the stars
and peanutbutter.

They all were, in the beginning,
Full of the green silence -
But he remained with the evertall trees,
And the elf-lore written in his eyes,
Snappable and full of light.
Sunbright, I'd call it.
Fragile for all its burning,
But burning for all it was fragile.

Made of strength that was feline
and fingertips
and sylph sensuality
and Never Land's crowing.

He was Boy,
Tasting of watermelon and grass stains
and whimsy. And he could fly,
if only he could have felt the
fairy dust of his blood.

I will remember his sunrise
And the ocean and the sand.
And the grains of myself
That fell through his fingers.
Too many of them for his fingers
To hold.

I will remember his hawk nose,
which I forgot to give back
in all the frenzy and the cold.
It still sits there, nestled in
my Attic.
Perhaps I still wanted a part of him
even then
to remember him by.

In the nights I dreamt of darkness
and poetry, when he claimed
my silhouette.

And he was full of Forest.
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