Jalen Strix (jalenstrix) wrote,
Jalen Strix

Courtesy of neopanda

...and completely making it all voluntary-like, as he did. Yay, meme-age.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening encourage others to engage at meme-age at their own discretion.

1."Day of the Dead" -- Voltaire (Ooky Spooky album - it is full of cheery bounciness and dead things)
2. "Cruel Summer (Blazin' Rhythm Remix)" -- Ace of Base (w00t, 80s)
3. "Whine Up" -- Kat DeLuna featuring Elephant Man (more mainstream, and full of excellent rhythm)
4. "Feel Alright (Bonus Track)" - Sean Paul (again with the mainstream, and again with the excellent rhythm)
5. "Zombie Prostitute" -- Voltaire (Ooky Spooky album - zooooooombies)
6. "Temple of Love" -- Sisters of Mercy (gotta love that lilting female vocal that picks up partway through, plus this one always makes me think of thewronghands, who first introduced me to Sisters of Mercy)
7. "Desert Rose" -- Sting (Haunting and gorgeous)
Tags: happy things, memeage, music, voltaire, zombies

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