Jalen Strix (jalenstrix) wrote,
Jalen Strix

Interests I apparently ought to have...

1. iambic pentameter score: 4
2. panpipes score: 4
3. melancholy of suzumiya haruhi score: 3
4. wrought iron score: 3
5. instant gratification score: 3
6. dane score: 3
7. shane williams score: 3
8. reading aloud score: 3
9. james norrington score: 3
10. greg the bunny score: 3
11. probability score: 3
12. ergo proxy score: 3
13. lolcat score: 3
14. remembering things score: 3
15. forbidden love score: 3
16. lingering score: 3
17. stompy boots score: 3
18. number theory score: 3
19. hair extentions score: 2
20. dumb jokes score: 2

Alright, definitely some good anime recommendations in there, and two thumbs up for reading aloud, wrought iron, and stompy boots. And I'll certainly not deny the instant gratification (this is why I tend to make lists of things to do and gleefully check them off). But dumb jokes? Naaaaah....

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Tags: good meme-ness, interests, silly blog things

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