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Oy....Italy has been both splendid and tiring. Many pictures taken, much leather acquired. (Yeah, sexy leather pants and jacket, yeah.) But I'm very ready to come home. I miss my Foxe. I miss my Ravens. I miss my Danielle and Liz and Jesse. I miss my plants, strangely. I think that may be residual guilt over not being able to water them, however.

Fortunately for my sanity, I am homeward bound Monday-ish and will spend Tuesday doing laundry, errands, bitching to my credit card company (who blocked me and wouldn't unblock, the little fucks, not to mention not being available to call internationally), and generally decompressing.

I have never spent so much money in the course of one week. It's truly frightening. Of course, how soon am I coming back to Italy, right?

Ooh, and dance class is apparently on for this summer - yay, bronze level!

Okee, signing off. It's a little past midnight here in Rome.
Tags: foxe, happy things, liz, meditation, raven, regyt

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