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Some Mornings

...are simply amazing. This is one of them. Pipe-tobacco skin, warm showers, crisp bacon smells mingling with the scent of Harvest candles.

And I acquired my sexy new electronic piano yesterday - I actually practiced last night. I'm so very excited. (I know, it's sad. Tough.) But it's lovely, and my fingers still remember vaguely how to slip over the keys. I obviously need lots more practice, but now I have a piano and can actually do that.

Ah, and today is the day of acquiring the sexy Apple G4, courtesy of my splendid parents. Hurrah for graduation gifts!

Side note for RavenBlack:
Mission Goo!
End side note.

Invader Zim is getting right up there with the C64 for godliness.
Tags: family, foxe, happy things, sensual

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