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Ah, I'm in such a mood for accomplishing things. It feels good to have time and to plan and to do.

My beautiful canopied bed arrived in Columbia on Friday - and it just fits the room. It's a very good thing I insisted on a full size bed instead of the queen my parents wanted to get me. But it now has sheets and is be-decked with stuffed animals - and feels a lot more like home. Columbia, in general, feels a lot more like home. It's good to be in a house with people who are good, like the Ravens and Rogue. Plus, the place is surrounded by trees and is a relatively safe neighborhood, like Bowie was. Hence, home-ness. Also, there's my electronic piano there now, which means I get to practice as often as I visit.

Today, I run errands and do work and pick up more fabric to put grommets in so I can hang my stuffed animals up. My Foxe has an interview at 6pm tonight, somewhere in DC. I really want it to be metro-able, since it would require me to skip out of a meeting that I already skipped out of last week in order to take him there. But if it turns out I'm his only way there, I'll just re-schedule things and deal. He needs to find a job - the lack of one is causing him no small amount of stress. And I hate seeing him upset. He's always so merry and full of mischief - sad Foxes are not the usual.

It was good to see Danielle and Liz last Friday, too. I need to spend more time with them before they both go poofing to Brooklyn and Purdue, respectively. But the problem is, unless they want to go back and forth with me to Columbia, I don't have a lot of time at the moment to spend. The only reason Foxe sees me so much is because he comes back and forth with me to Columbia. Of course, there's a RavenBlack in Columbia, so perhaps they wouldn't mind so much after all. I'll have to ask. Arg, I hate being in transition between two places. I'd move straight to Columbia now, but I have to pay rent through July - I might as well stay here where there's ethernet and nearby Foxes and non-commuting to work things.

I drew again last night, for the first time in 6 months. It was at Foxe's behest, because he couldn't sleep and wanted to draw. So I drew with him. Considering I'm used to working from models on paper instead of flesh and blood models, the drawings weren't half-bad. I do need more practice, though. Of course, now that Below the Root is conquered (Yay!), I can spend a half hour here and there drawing instead, and get my skills back up. Or writing. Actually, it'd be good to get back to work on my on-again-off-again story. My style has probably changed yet again.

Ah well - it's time to be off and doing things.


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Jul. 2nd, 2002 07:43 am (UTC)
could I sap some of that energy? Doing the whole 9-5 thing every day is a pain in the butt and it's pretty hard to be that energetic, regardless of whether it's when you get up in the morning on your way to werk or when you get home and want to do stuf...but I see what I can do. Maybe I should start getting to bed earlier?

Anyways, I'm here in Hanover, and trust me, since I lived in Columbia, I know all the fast ways back there. ^_^ I'm all of like 10 minutes away, and I would offer to have you over, but we desperately need to get the place cleaned up before I'm comfortable having company anywhere in the house save my bedroom.

So we definitely need to go bedsheet and curtain-fabric shopping sometime in the very near future...hey we could make it a day and get sushi for dinner, eh?
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