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Oooh....my sexy new PowerBook is up and functioning. I'm ridiculously excited - I can do sexy perl scripts and lisp programs and such on my own computer . Which is not to say that ssh-ing to another system is difficult, of course. But I don't have to. Oh, sweet programming freedom. And it's so slender, with a super-wide screen for DVD watching. I may have to test this out by watching the Labyrinth DVD. Doot de doot de doot....

Meanwhile, my canopy bed now has black sheer-ish fabric with deep purple crinoline surrounding it, looking very ele-goth. More and more stuff makes its way to Columbia and that feels more and more like home. It is very nice. I have spent the past two nights there and, after getting the fabric up to block more of the sunlight in the morning, slept very well.

It is splendid to have the Ravens just downstairs, and to have a cat in the house. Though I do keep it out of my room, since I don't fancy my room smelling very cat-tish. It is adorable, though, the cat.

I am sad that my Foxe will still be in College Park in the fall, but we will have to work out a schedule of where we spend the night, I think. It shouldn't be all that hard to do - we both have morning classes, and his earliest is a 9 o'clock.

Meanwhile, ballroom dancing this past Friday was fantastic - I feel like I'm improving quite a bit with every week that passes. I can't wait till we do more in Karen's class - the Samba lessons have been spleen-tastic. Boom, ba-doom. Boom, ba-doom.

Ah, and my parents have now made their way to Florida. Or rather, half of them have - my mother went down first with the cars and my father stays until Tuesday with friends until he officially signs out of work. It will be good to visit them in Florida, but there is just no way I'm passing by our old Bowie-house for at least a few months, unless I have to. It'll be too weird to see what other people do to the place. And God help me if they cut down my little tree on the corner that I planted in first grade. I would cry, I really would.

Meanwhile, I go now to pack more things and go back to Columbia to practice piano.
Tags: ballroom, cats, dancing, foxe, happy things, personality, raven

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