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I've been asked time and again what my fantasies are, I know. But it's always one of those personal things (no shit, eh?) that I cringe at slightly before telling. Mine tend to be...childish, I suppose.

I write this now to defy that cringing feeling. I write it now so as not be ashamed, or something like that.

I daydream most often about the Random Blonde Presence, about Jareth, Goblin King, Faerie Lord, Master of Illusions. About having the same sort of power in myself, about being connected to something otherworldly. Perhaps it's an extension of spirituality - I don't believe in the Judaic vision much; perhaps I'm just yearning to create my own. Gods should be personal anyway, accessible.

I want to be magic, have magic, feel it flow through me. I daydream of dragons, of faeries and shape-shifters, vampires and wizards and seraphim. Of flying with (or without) great feather wings, that moment of lift off when you simply glide above the ground, untouchable. I dream of having visions, prophetic power, being able to see . I dream of finding the secret path to the Faerie Circle, and dancing till dawn, proving my worth to the meta-mortal fiddlers.

I dream...of childish things, in short. I have not yet put away my childish things. I hope I never have to.
Tags: dreams, meditation, personality

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