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Zu tanzen

I'm just back now from a "sweet sixteen" party (read: sweet sixty) of a wonderful lady from my temple choir. Things I noticed:

1) Together, she and her husband are deliciously, shamelessly, gloriously silly. I adore them. I want to be them when I'm sixty. They have so much fun.

2) Line dancing is not, in fact, a bunch of people cavorting around in cowboy hats. Intead, it's something like a mix of really funky hip hop dancing and the Electric Slide. Precise footwork, some self-titled "booty-shakin'", and some really sexy music. If I ever get bored of ballroom or the Latin formation team in the fall doesn't happen, I'm *so* looking into line dancing. Much fun. Highly recommended.

Side note: Hopefully, there shall be a Latin formation team put on by the people at Ballroom at Maryland in the fall. I know you all want to join. Talk about the easiest way to pick up a dance form. And it also has really sexy music. [tempt tempt tempt]
Tags: ballroom, dancing, happy things, silly

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