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I know, more of them.

What can I say? I do love them so. And I like to see what others get, too. And besides, this site had some fairly good ones for Buffy fans, to boot. (My results on those were obvious, so I didn't bother to include them.)

I'll probably even post something of substance again, one day. One glorious day.

While slightly banal, not a bad assessment.

What's Your Sexual MO? Find out @ She's Crafty

You're a sensualist, stimulated when all your senses are tingling. A soft stroke or a certain scent might be all you need to get geared up. You're artistic, impulsive and fun-loving, and require that same kind of play and spontaneity in your sex-life. You don't embark on any sexual escapades just to be able to say you did it. It needs to feel right to you for you to truely enjoy it. Your partners tend to be generous and sensitive in the sack.

Hee. Hee hee hee. A lot.

Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego? Find out @ She's Crafty


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Aug. 7th, 2002 09:30 am (UTC)
No surprises here

Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego? Find out @ She's Crafty

My sexual Mo is Adventurous.
When it comes to handling your honey's in the bedroom (or perhaps the public park or conference room) it's the crazier the better as far as you're concerned. You're what people have affectionately dubbed try-sexual. You'll try anything once and if you like it, hell, you'll do it again! You're an independant, confidant risk-taker who sees sex as a way to express yourself creatively. You're sometimes bored by all the been-there, done-that routines and would rather have daring, adventerous sex once a week than ho-hum sheet heat every night. (actually I'll take sex twice a day instead, thank you)
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