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The apartment here in College Park looks so very naked without many of my things in it. And yet it's so splendid to walk into my room in Columbia, with its feathers and gilted gold and mirrors. I walk in and it's undeniably mine. It is sumptuous, full. It is good.

And on the way to Columbia, the sky was gorgeous - steps of clouds against a bluish sky, set over trees. It made me feel awe, to imagine what it must have been like on days like this before the highways. Just sky and trees and grass. Gorgeous.

But sadness - I will no longer be so near my Foxe. I will miss being able to walk across the way to him. But that simply means I will have to spend the night at his place more often.

It feels good to almost be out of transition and settled somewhere solid.
Tags: creative, magic, personality

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