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...I'm rather detached from the state of the world. It's easier to get by on a daily basis by living in ignorance of the inanity and insanity that occurs regularly. But this morning, on CNN.com, there was a story about a shooting of a student at a PG school. And my heart beat a little quicker. And I thought, "Wow...I went to school in PG County. I wonder which one it was..." And then I saw the name - Benjamin Tasker Middle School. Not only the school where I went, but the one my mother worked at until this past June. I think I forgot to breathe for a few moments.

I am glad she no longer works there and is far, far away in Florida.

And then, just thinking about the neighborhood - recognizing the streets a few blocks from my old house in pictures on CNN.com and washingtonpost.com, that silly BOWIE hedge with the 'W' too wide...it's the clash between news-world and my-world. It's very something, and the something is like disturbing, numbing, except not quite. But still, very something.

And it's times like this that I hate the world a lot.

Especially when thinking about the boy with the hole in his chest, who probably got up this morning with his biggest worry being about Mr. Hall's history tests. Not if he was ever going to breathe again.



Oct. 11th, 2002 09:45 am (UTC)
::hugs:: We're all scared. Irrationally scared, and angry...that someone would make us worry like this, someone would terrorize a region like this, that someone would make me look around while I'm pumping gas and wonder who's lurking where I can't see them, that someone would put a hole in a boy walking between his aunt's car and the front door of his school, that someone would kill so many people and then go on like nothing happened...

If you're angry, you're right to be. If you're scared, you're right to be. If you hate the world, you're right to...I know the feeling. If you need to dish or anythin, you know where I am. I think I could do with some venting too, eh?


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