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I love...

...when you hear a song and it is full of an image.

This is a song for driving with the sunlight streaming through the windows and through your hair, golden fields of wheat on either side of the road, no cars in sight on endless empty stretches of highway.

This is a song for twirling around in the arms of your love, sea-blue tones swirling with you, a black dance floor and stars far away.

This is a song for when you're in Italy, looking over the still waters of Venice, musing over the shadows in the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, typing in the steamy internet cafe in Rome, an ache in your viscera.

And this is a song for lazy Sunday mornings with rumpled sheets and sunlight, for the contentment sighs and warm bodies together, a certainty and familiar comfort, a moment of forever, when you don't care just how sappy you feel.

Yeah, I love songs like that.
Tags: creative, foxe, meditation, spiritual

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