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Norbert Hornstein...

...is such a fabulous man. No matter what I'm doing, or what apparent walls I've run into with my research, he always discusses things intelligently with me, prods me in interesting directions, and boosts my ego to extensive levels - "You should publish this in Language or Cognition. You could get a monograph out of this before you even get your thesis done. Hell, you could get a thesis out of this, if you want to bang it around some more."

God, I love that man.

Sadly, however, I don't love my computational neuroscience course, the more we get into it. The professor is a math guy by background, and it goes downhill from there. Less conceptual, less modeling, more about the mathematics behind neurons firing. Sigh. I could care less, but not too much. Ah well. It'll be over in a semester. And then there'll be Icelandic syntax, which conveniently defies most syntactic generalizations that have been made since Chomsky. [grin]

I'm excited. I talk to professors like peers. My Ego is healthy.

[stomp stomp conquer conquer]
Tags: academic, happy things, linguistics

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