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Aaaaaaaaaaugh! Death and Destruction Bear! DOOOOOOOOOM!

....and otherwise moo. I've just spent the last eleven hours with the Gelmans for Thanksgiving. My childhood friend Jana is, quite simply, annoying as fuck. She has a great, caring heart, but she monopolizes conversation, is lazy beyond belief, and has a selfish streak. I know now why I spoke little as a child. There was no fucking way to insert any point in conversation at all. And, just for the record, I was supposed to spend 5 hours tops with them. Eleven. Eleven fucking hours because one or another had to go to the bathroom, walk the dog, wrap presents, show me presents they had for everyone else....just something. And the dogs....the one with the mouth infection just adores slobbering on me. Oh joyous of joys. Much to the amusement of my dear childhood friend.

I keeeeell her. With the deaths.
Except that I have to go back there tomorrow for Chanukkah. ::cry:: Oh God, how to stand more quality time with her...without invoking the Fist of Doom....good God, even *invoking* the damned Fist of Doom....

Tags: family, grumblings

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