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I should know better. Really.

So I was making some macaroni and cheese for lunch. When I first dumped the pasta in, it looked a little odd, but I ignored it. And when cooking, I realized it smelled a little odd, too. I realized the smell was "old". And then I remembered that macaroni and cheese box was from my mother when she moved out of her Bowie house. So okay, I think, macaroni and cheese from July. A little old, but these things keep.

Silly me, oh silly me.

I dumped the cheese sauce in - and it turned a lovely shade of brown. Hmmm, I think. This doesn't seem right. And it's certainly not smelling all that great. Very suspicious now that I remember how my mom likes to get lots of dry goods and then sometimes forgets she's gotten them, I dig the box out of the trash and check the date. November. Of 1988.


I dumped the offending contents down the garbage disposal, ran it, and am in the process of disinfecting the pot. Ick. Ick. Ick.

I retire now with a lovely, fresh peanutbutter sandwich.
Tags: ick, silly

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