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...I'm not all that pissy that Paris didn't have any time this weekend to meet me and Foxe somewhere and spend some time. Vaguely pissy, yes. Very pissy, no. It is a pissy that can be mollified by a few rounds of Set and some good chai. Either I expected this at some level, or it just isn't all that imperative to spend time in person with him. Most likely both of the aforementioned. I can harass him online to my heart's content, after all.

It also helps that Raven came down to NC this weekend after being duly tempted. Seeing her and conversing over chai fixes lots of things. And practicing Jive impromptu to The Love Cats at last night's party with Foxe also helps tremendously. As well as playing Set with Foxe, actually. Lots of things are conspiring to put me in a very good mood. Very sneaky, they.
Tags: grumblings, paris, personality, private journal, raven

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