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Ach, me head...

...is deciding it's quite unhappy with me this morning for whatever reason. Tsk, it.

In other news, I saw Return to Oz last night. I kept having nostalgia moments and an uncanny liking for it, despite its saccharine qualities. Moreover, the effects were very Labyrinth and Legend-like, so I'm convinced the special effects guys and storyboard writers on those two movies warmed up on this one. (I checked the box afterwards - sure enough, it was produced in 1985. Labyrinth and Legend 1986, I believe. Hurrah for the mid-80s in fantasy movies.)

Ah, what else...Orson Scott Card. Orson Scott Card is a lovely, lovely writer. I have no idea who does the summaries on the back of his books, but I cringe slightly at them, forge ahead through the book itself (whatever it happens to be), and then enjoy myself thoroughly. Hurrah for Orson Scott Card. I believe the one I'm most liking lately is Enchantments, as it's all using Russian Fairy Tale themes and things. I mean, it has Baba Yaga in it, after all. [Which always reminds me of Danielle. She's most likely read it already several times over, but if not, I must get her a copy.]

And then, nose piercings. I want one. Oh, how I want one. A little stud on the right side. But now that I've decided it, I must wait for two reasons - Reason the First) I always impose a waiting period on myself whenever I get a body modification. If I still want it at the end, I really wanted it as more than a passing fascination. Reason the Second) It's cold season and having a new nose piercing with a runny nose just seems like a bad idea. Bonus Reason) If I wait till the summer, there are possibilities of enticing thoroughly lovely people to come visit me and tease me relentlessly/hold my hand as I get the tender cartilage of my nose punctured.
Thus, the waiting.

Ah, and in slightly annoying news the last, my paper wasn't accepted at the UPenn conference, much to the surprise of my various advisors. Though this does mean that I don't have to write the complete paper for it and present it. (Which is nice, since I'm working on an extension and I wouldn't be finished with it by the time of the conference. On the other hand, grar.)
My advisors have all said things to the effect of, "Mroo? That's very odd. It's good work, though - don't worry. These things happen." And yet, I worry. I mean, UPenn was supposed to be the little conference that I was going to practice at for WCCFL. If I can't get into Penn, how on earth am I going to get into WCCFL? [grumble]
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