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Fantastic Forum Phraseology

....for anal sex.

Background: Foxe insisted on reading a very particular smut article to me, and for excellent reason. Never have I heard such impressive alliterative craftwork with respect to anal sex. Ever. (Okay, it's actually pretty impressive craftwork including areas outside anal sex.) Hee. Hee hee hee.

[Best if read aloud, of course.]

"...ramming your rocket up the rumps..."
"...primed for potential poop chute plowing..."
"...if you can't cram your cob up the crack crater..."
"Some men want a loose, languid lass who can take a fat one up her fart flue without flinching..."
"Those wanton, wide-open women..."
"...while that enormously endowed guy roto-rooters her ridiculously relaxed rectum."
"...that brand of blase butt bearer..."
"Locating women who are serene about taking tumescent tools in the tail is tough."
"Women willing to wedge wangs up their woo-woos..."
"...gush a geyser up her guts..."
"....let you dock your dick in her dumper."

Tags: sex, silly

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