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Ice house pieces....

....for Mastermind? I've been pondering this since I went to Benjamin's game day thing-a-ma-bob yesterday. I'm fairly sure it would be a simple transition, and add different sized pieces along with different color pieces for the "code" that needs breaking. So, presumably, one would create a 4 piece code from different color and sized pieces, and then the code breaker precedes to guess. The trick is to find things which can substitute for the white and black marker things....I suppose pennies might do, with heads and tails being representative, but it'd be nice to have beads or skittles or something colored. Perhaps those lovely little mancala stones? And certainly, with size and color options, one ought to have more than the usual number of tries to deduce the code...though I really ought to have more than six of each size and color for that, since you'd probably run out of the pieces you want to explore long before you're done exploring possibilities. Bah. I may have to retreat to just using color after all until I acquire more ice house pieces.

Meanwhile, I must find someone to play with me....
Tags: geek, silly

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