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Geek points, geek points!

Oh, such happiness! Crypto class is looking to be gorgeous - and the book is even readable. Tomorrow I have both of my fun language classes - Old Norse and History of the English Language. Must...ferret...linguistic knowledge...from....scholarly brains...mmm...brains...braaaaaaaains....[zombie walk]

But the other bonus of crypto class is the sheer number of people I know who are already in it. I mean, there are five of us even on the third floor of Commons. [glee]

Ah, but I must use my dubious hardware skills to go fix the computer of a lovely lady from my temple in exchange for dinner. It's a good exchange. She doesn't lay any claims on me actually being able to fix the computer and her dinners are always excellent. Last time, there was couscous...mmm....couscous....
Tags: academic, family, glee, happy things

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