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It lives

Or so it wants me to think. Hee. But here I am then, no longer only "wearing [my] life on [my] webpage" but also in Livejournal Land. [cheese point] I'm not sure about digitally signing it or sending it to the "top 50 radio stations"...not that I'm a wee bit agitated by being told that's what I do. Ohnonever. That would be childish. Yup.

In other news, I'm quite amused (though saddened, yeah, I admit it) that I'm no longer the transmitter of angsty words, but the receiver. It gives me that feeling of being in control, though, which is an improvement over the last five months. And maybe I can get just enough distance not to be irritated by high-and-mighty words. Maybe. Must...not...think...about...imperious tones...grrr...[snap kill maim destroy]

Then again, maybe not. Need more time.

Must go distract self with Java code.
Tags: drama, geek, ross, silly things

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