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A good early morning

Though it's really just a continuation of a surprising evening IM conversation late last night. It was unbelievably good to be able to interact again - I'd missed him a lot. And the conversation was free and easy for the most part. It's warming to see him so happy again. And I finally got to see the shiny new silver car. (And I got to piggy-back ride over to see it in the parking lot since I wasn't wearing any feet. Hee!) It is a very pretty car. I've been told it's been test-driven up to 160 (along route 1 - eep!) - and I've been promised a ride in it. Hurrah! [joy]

Plus, he's been riding a motorcycle so I get to hear stories about how it feels to fly. And he's looking at buying a motorcycle, I think.

Ah...happy. Is good start to morning.
Tags: happy things, john

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