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Just a quick note...

...for anyone who might have heard strange tales of me being brought to the hospital ER yesterday morning. (After having my aunt call me up in panic, I realized that it might be best to jot down the whole story, such as it is, so that people who keep up to date on such things are forewarned.)

Basically, I woke up yesterday morning with acute abdominal pain that wouldn't respond to anything sensible, and I was running a low fever to boot. In something of a panic, I called up Raven and she swooped down to Silver Spring and drove me to Howard County hospital. Unfortunately, no tests turned up anything, though the pain abated with the help of some time and a hearty dose of Demerol. The doctors recommended I go see a specialist about it, and so I have an appointment tomorrow. ( A morning in the doctor's office - just what every girl wants for her birthday, right?)

But in the meantime, I am fine. Full of fine-ness, in fact. So for those of you who are inclined to worry, all is well for now.

All right, that's my stint as drama queen. I'm quite finished now.
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