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Of Toronto...

...which is the city of magnificence, despite the glittering cold which caused my fingers to scream retreat about halfway through our afternoon today. (Luckily, thewronghands came to my rescue with leather gloves which contained superior insulation. We loves her, preeeecious.)

Let us begin with the people - they are unspeakably polite. Attendants at gas stations are gracious and go out of their way to give you very clear, very precise directions to where you are going. (This includes breaking out a map of Toronto free of charge.) People smile back at you when you walk by them in the street. The hospitality is unrivaled by even the most resplendent of southern homes - there is hot food and beds and cats and warm drinks and grand pianos for the playing and more food and hot showers and the lending of winterware as necessary. And the tour guide-ing about the city, courtesy of stillvisions. (And the unrivaled hopsitality is by the wondrous stillvisions and requisite lovely parents, as well.)

They are great.

And the city....the light poles have curlicues in their design. There are artistic leaves in the pavement. The buses are spacious and ridiculously clean, considering the amount of snow and salt everywhere. The day pass for the public transit (which runs everywhere, and I do mean everywhere) resembles the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory - it is shiny and large and has metallic foil bits in a clever pattern. There is a library which specializes in science fiction, and has two griffins posed on opposite sides of the entry - and these two griffins have animals entertwined in their feet and under their wings. There are an owl and a fox tucked together, which warmed my heart to no end. And Chinatown was a plethora of lovely fine material in the form of robes and a very white geisha dress. There are goth stores a-plenty - and not the genera-goth stores, either. Nor were they obscenely priced (ludicrously sometimes, but not obscenely). And I acquired a very purple bit of glass which is the exact shade of purple that I adore. Not to mention a very silly purple hat with big kitty ears, courtesy of the tricksy pirate queen thewronghands. I am inordinately pleased by the purple hat and trinket.

The food, at both the Thai place and York pub place, was exquisite and reasonably priced.

I want very much to move here one day. The political climate (as summarized by stillvisions) is much more liberal and sensible, in my thoroughly uninformed opinion. Now, if only I can manage to conquer the climate.


Jan. 11th, 2004 04:00 am (UTC)
Alberta was much the same, though when I was there it was hot rather than cold. You can't explain the niceness of Canadians to Americans, because Americans think people in America are nice. Shop attendants smile at you and talk to you in America too, don't they? But in America they obviously do it because it's corporate policy that they must. In Canada, if that's the case then they're bloody good actors.

And in Canada, "nice coat" is a compliment rather than a statement of covetousness.

I think I marginally prefer Australia. In IQ test terminology - Australia is to England as Canada is to America.
Jan. 11th, 2004 09:35 pm (UTC)
Indeed - I am still bowled over by the sheer quantity of smile-reciprocating denizens.


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