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I've discovered...

...that 3 and 4 year old children are remarkably similar to cats. At least, in terms of what amuses them for periods of 15-20 minutes.

This fact (earth-shattering - yes, I know) was discovered during a brief visit to the Center for Young Children on campus, wherein many an acquisition experiment is conducted. Today was the official Meet The Children So They Don't Run Screaming From You (TM) day. As it would happen, the children were playing outside so outside we went. After several moments of watching them merrily stomp about, I started to tease one of them with pieces of snow held just out of his reach (not unlike teasing my cats with pieces of shiny things held just out of their reach). He responded joyously and began chasing me around (again, not unlike the cats). There was far more stumbling and ignominious snow-covered clothing, but the end result was me trailiing bits of snow out of reach of several delighted children so that I looked something of a wintery Pied Piper.

So, I conclude that children are good for short periods of time since they can be amused like cats.
Tags: cats, linguistics, silly

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