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There's a little white fluffy bear staring at me...

...and it's unbelievably adorable, with its little black shiny eyes. And its little fuzzy head bops very well to music. I am unaccountably amused by this. I am unaccountably amused by a lot of things these past two days. It's nice. Really, really nice. Did I mention the nice part? Right.

But it is good.

And my classes are turning out to be, as advertised, ridiculously interesting. And so I bounce about from academic glee.

And then, my previous angst-iness. Well, I cycled through Placebo's "Every You Every Me" an obscene number of times and made a CD with it and all other especially significant songs. And then I cycled through that. And I still feel good. I feel free. I can fly again. [melodrama! Oh, the melodrama!]

Plus, it's really hard to put on an angsty face with a little fluffy white bear staring at you. Not to mention the music of flying thrumming in the background.
Tags: creative, personality

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