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Academic Huzzahs and a Very Silly Quiz, courtesy of helen99

First, the huzzahs - I have been accepted to both the other two conferences I sent in abstracts for, one in Vienna in August and one up at Yale in June. Glee! Now, if only I can figure out how to afford to travel and stay there....perhaps my department will be feeling generous. On the down side, both will probably be attended by the Evil Professor O' Doom from Penn who so enjoyed attempting to burst my modeling bubble - on the plus side, I'll have better answers for his pointed comments. So ha. Ha, I say.

Now, to prepare reasonable presentations for both....while preparing a course to teach this summer....and finishing my classes for this semester....and planning an experimental acquisition thing....and doing competitive ballroom dance...and singing a cabaret show for my choir...yup, this should be fabulous. Faboo, even.

Meanwhile, the silly quiz results. It turned out ever so much better if I was male, so a male anime character I shall be. (Okay, so it's really just because I like being the Villain instead of a Bounty Hunter. But I admit that Bounty Hunter is rather nice, too.)

What would your Anime life be like? by hearthlight
Your looks:Long, perpetually flowing hair
Your best friend:A human looking robot.
Your powers:Everything.
Your beloved:A sexy vampire.
Your occupation:Villain.
Your ending:You sacrifice yourself.
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!
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