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I need...

...to start having a filter for people who want to read about my linguistics stuff and get hit up for judgements, because here I am, doing it again. Let me know if you'd want to be on that filter.

Meanwhile...YMLF (Yet More Linguistics Foo).

Okay...here we go:

Scenario: Two mischevious ballroom dancers are merrily waltzing outside in the parking lot of a ballroom dance studio, much to the amusement of their friend. Said friend remarks, "You know...

Sentence 1: "...in the ballroom is a perfectly fine place to dance."

Sentence 2: "...the ballroom is a perfectly fine place to dance in."

Sentence 3: "...in the ballroom is perfectly fine to dance."

Sentence 4: "...the ballroom is perfectly fine to dance in."

Judgements on this? Would they make you happy/unhappy if you heard them? If unhappy, would you be unhappy enough to want to correct them somehow or just vaguely upset?

Reason for caring about this: I'm looking into inferred locative phrases...so all of these spring from some version of The ballroom is a perfectly fine place to dance. It's obvious that you're not dancing the ballroom - you're dancing in the ballroom - hence, inferred locative.

Final Message of Undying Love: Yes, you are maaaaahvelous. So maaaaaaahvelous that you'll humor me and give me your judgements on this.
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