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....stupid "prestigious" conference that's going to cost me ridiculous amounts of money just to get to.

Background: My abstract was accepted at a conference in Vienna, Austria this coming August. Yay. Prestige.

The Incredible Expensiveness: Not only is airfare phenomenally outrageous for that time period, but since I'm from the US, I can't get any funding from the conference itself. (We're not a low-income country. Tsk, us.) And my department will only offer me $400 in travel expenses. That will cover approximately one third of one ticket, given the ticket prices I've been quoted. Since both Foxe and I are going, this makes the amount of coverage even more useless. Thank god we've been offered cheap/free lodging (depending on if my contact there has room in his flat that particular week) - but still. The money I'm making this summer from teaching for 6 weeks is probably going to have go straight towards airfare.

Irksomeness: So for the privilege of having my abstract accepted to this &@*!!% conference, I get to shell out ungodly amounts of money just to get to the damned place. And let's not even talk about food. Apparently, Vienna is a very expensive city.

I am so tempted to just say, "Fuck it. I can't afford you." But I get the feeling that this would generally be looked down upon.
I should probably talk to my advisor about the feasibility of either finding a good travel agent that can get me better airfare or just skipping out on this thing.

Tags: academic, grumblings, linguistics, money

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