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A first, I think, for me...

...is finding out that a poem I wrote several years ago has been quoted on someone's log in support of a particular viewpoint that was being discussed in that entry.

Nearer the bottom, it's quoted

I only became aware of it because the owner of the log emailed me to let me know it had been posted. I have no idea about the identity of either the owner of the log or the poster of my poem. The owner of the site hopped over to my webpage, hunted around till he found my email address, and popped me an email to let me know.

On the one hand, it's entirely flattering that this person, whoever they are, was impressed enough by my words to use them as ammo in a discussion. On the other hand, it's a sharp reminder that everything put up in the public domain is, well, public.

I had another sharp reminder of that just yesterday actually, but it seemed to turn out for the best. And this particular poem-quoting incident is really fine, after all.

So, counter-intuitively to me, it seems that making things public results in good things. Though granted the sample size is two for "And good things result". However, they are the most recent two, as opposed to several prime examples from several years back where making things public was quite obviously and repeatedly a very bad idea.

[wry grin] Ah well.
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