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Potterverse Geekery (primarily for chronographia)

....so if you don't care for such things, you can very merrily stop reading here.

Meanwhile, onto the content. A while back, there was a hunt for proper taglines for the various houses. A dearth of pithy sayings was found for poor patient, determined Hufflepuff, since we could come up with nothing that didn't sound like another house making fun of them. However, on my way home the other night, the following hit me:

"We'll be waiting."

It has a very Borg-esque collective voice going on, and does capture the patience aspect of the Hufflepuffs. The fact that it has a sinister tone implied is really just bonus.

However, I realize I could simply be blinded by my pseudo-creativity. Therefore, for all who were trying to come up with taglines for the houses, what do you think of that one for Hufflepuff?
Tags: creative, geek, harry potter

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