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Of Wanderings

Completely eschewing our previous plans, the ever-delightful regyt and I went a-wandering about the glittering fey complexity that is New York.

We had an agenda, you see. I was told of the stickiest rice that ever was, of Earl Grey chocolate truffles, of scented glitter massage oil bars, of tiny cucumber sandwiches and scones with real clotted cream, and of the best cupcakes the world has ever known.

I demanded all of it.

Regyt, the wonder that she is, was more than happy to comply. And so we went.

The first stop - The Lemongrass Grill in Park Slope. The stickiest rice that ever was did not disappoint. It was staggering, viscous. It melted to a paste in my mouth in an instant. It was perfect. (And the pad thai was lovely, too.) We packed up our leftovers and soon gave them to a homeless person we saw on the street.

Then, to the home of wicked chocolate - the delicious blend of cocoa and chili peppers that is like summer lightning. There, we absconded with two boxes of truffles - including Earl Grey, Red Wine, Love Potion #9, Menage a Trois, European Peanutbutter, and, of course, Wicked Chocolate. I have yet to try them, but I am sure they will not disappoint. We also scurried away with a delightfully gloopy cup of fresh brewed wicked hot chocolate. It was sticky and sweet and burned.

Then, to Lush. Wherein live the bars of glitter massage oil. Yes, bars. You rub them and the oil comes off in glittery bits on your hands, ready to be rubbed into willing skin. Which will soon be very glittery skin. I was obscenely pleased. As well, a very lime facial scrub made its way home with me, promising fresh skin. I got it because of the lime. Really, I admit it. The facial scrub aspect is all very well and good, but I want my cheek to smell of lime and so that is that. I considered trying one of the lovely hair dyes, having a sudden yearning to put red in my hair, but abstained. (The voice of temptation was only so strong, after all.)

Then, we wandered to Victoria's Secret, the Apple store (to get recording equipment for the SM on the Roof parody, of course), and through a camping store for regyt's supples for next weekend. On the way, we stopped at every sunglass stand on the street that we could find. This is because I have just gotten contacts, and realized I had no sunglasses. And with any pair of sunglasses going for $5 each, how could a newly contacted girl resist? As a result, two pairs will be coming home with me - one a golden tan movie star elegance pair, and the other a purple to light gold pair which has its own sort of elegance. I was ridiculously pleased. Alas, poor regyt was thwarted in her attempts to find geek glasses - the perfect pair had a scratch and no more were to be had in any stand we wandered by the rest of the day.

But this led us, wandering in black floofy tops, curled hair, and flowing pants, to Teany - the best tea place ever. It is funky chic tea - a place that exists in the perfect advertisement world of pristine whites, delicate mint greens, and sparkling dashes of sunflowers. It is a place of European minimalist style, where everything you say will be right no matter what, and tea is drunk with the pinky raised because that is the way that feels right. And the drinks are bright pink and satin purple, with a wild splash of lime green. And at this point, realizing how picturesque the setting was, we decided to snap many photos. Some of them may even have turned out well (links will be provided if that is the case). I just couldn't resist - it was insanely perfect color-wise. Everything was just bright enough or clear enough or muted enough. And the food and drinks were smashing, as well. (Note: smashing is an underused in adjective. Must use more.) In particular, the cranberry scone with clotted cream felt very pure in taste - like essence of scone and cream, rather than the actual thing. Actually, that's as good a summation as any - the entire experience of Teany was like an impressionistic painting - the essence, rather than the reality. It was too, too perfect...down to the cucumber sandwiches and their (amazingly tasty) mango and tofu counterparts.

But it was time then to go to the Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery, wherein live the best cupcakes ever. We purchased several vanilla, one lemon, and one pumpkin. They shall merrily be consumed later this evening, during the course of either decadent lounging and movie-watching or preparation for SM on the Roof singings.

But the way back....ah, we rode the train across the Brooklyn Bridge, watching the water rush below and the skyline above. But my eyes kept sliding to an oddly heart-wrenching woman. She was taut and lean and tan, and dressed smartly and hiply in pink. She kept desperately applying make-up as the car bounced and jostled....again the mascara....and again with the foundation....and the mascara....And the look in her eyes was of such tenseness. She conveyed the feeling of a hair stretched to breaking point - something not terribly strong to begin, but adaptable, and now stretched nearly beyond its means. And such terrible sadness - my heart ached to look at her, to see her applying the makeup again and again and again. I was somehow sure that whoever she was doing this for would never appreciate it. But we left before she got up, so I never knew if she ever stopped applying the makeup.

But enough. Now there is chocolate and cupcakes and parodies and fire spinning and love. Much, much love. Hurrah!
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