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The Aforementioned Pictures...

...of the impressionistic reality that occurs at Teany, and one of me being thin as a thin thing on curled up typing on Danielle's floor. There is also one of our Powerbooks mating. Hers may be on top, but mine is the corrupting sticker force from beneath. Mwa ha ha ha.

Such pictures can be found

They mate
I am crunch-ed.
Model Mirth
Slyly Angled
Succulent Grecian
Dandelion Balance
Orange Examination
Thumb This
Juiced Fingers
Orange Tilt
Modeled Sunglasses
Side Glance
Lean Focus
Lemon Math
Sly Regyt

And thus, the Teany, with a side of mating powerbooks and squished mes.
Tags: glee, happy things, pictures, regyt, silly

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