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A bit more on Bavarian hospitality

...given that we've now made it back to Vienna. So, in sum, we spent about a day and a half with Bodo, Kocha, and Ferdinand ("Ferdi") Biere. They were absolutely splendid - driving me over to the nearby historic town, buying me ice cream like I was one of their children (!), helping us get tickets back to Vienna, giving us a bed for two nights, making fabulous food for us....and absolutely insisting that we not pay for anything. I tried. Really, I did. But they were obviously channeling thewronghands and not only beat me to most of the chances I had at paying for anything, but also snuck money back to me when I wasn't looking for the few things I did manage to pay for. Devious, I tell you.

In effect, we unexpectedly acquired family in Bavaria. Very surreal.

(Of course, maybe they were just harvesting our DNA while we slept, as suggested by ravenblack.)
Tags: glee, happy things

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