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...Dragonfruit vitamin water is full of such goodness. Not only is it good for you due to said vitamins (or so it claims), but it is a hideously bright pink color reminiscent of a proper RavenBlack Pink Drink (TM). It is made to be sipped casually in impressionistic places while wearing elbow length opera gloves and lounging beneath parasols with Viennese lace. Black ones. And it contains the following caption:

"despite having the word "dragon" in its name, no actual dragons were harmed in the making of this product. however, with 250% of the RDI of vitamin C inside, the fruit wasn't so lucky. with that said, we'd also like to inform some of you that dragons are actually imaginary. that means they don't exist, so, will you please, please, pleeeease stop sending us nasty letters. thank you. "

Hee. I am amused by my pink drink.
Tags: glee, happy things, silly

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