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Of Cirque du Soleil

...and more specifically, of Varekai. Because swiftfoxe and I just saw a performance this afternoon as his birthday present.

It was sensational, of course. But beyond that, it was eerily beautiful because the performances are encased in stories - stories that are acted out with appropriate parts played by the performers, but without words. Just the graceful perfection of bodies to tell these tales, to evoke these images.

And what particularly struck me, beyond the waves of music and the dazzling flash of costuming, was that some of the images they enacted on that stage were exactly the sort of things I dream about. There were several acts that involved the illusion of flight via trapeze-esque work on ropes or netting. One particular act was of two men in black feathered headdresses and masks soaring free and powerful through the air- the ropes there as backdrop for their mirrored perfection of motion. They arced and curved and swooped, like birds of prey floating on the wind currents for the sheer joy of it. The moment of take-off, that instant where running becomes gliding becomes flying - ah, yes, yes! That is the moment. That is translated into my head as freedom and power.

And then, the masks. One in particular held me for such a long time. A white velvet mask, just the hint of beak in the nose, cascades of white shimmering feathers as a headdress, horns arcing majestically us from the brow. It was the mask for what jiya and I have affectionately dubbed the Random Blonde Presence. Villainous, sensual, with the veneer of detachment and calm calculation.

And then, the Boy. The one playing some version of Icarus, since his entrance is a fall from the sky with feathered wings. He was another of the flying acts, the illusion of gravity shucked from him for those few minutes. He seemed to be channeling the spirit of Lost Innocence (TM) with his soulful glances to the audience, his delicate vulnerability and confusion...until he latered appeared with a version of the Mask (white velvet and horns and shimmering head dress). And then he was the Lord of the realm. The transformation was exquisite. And makes me want to write a story about it, somehow.

That is all. I just felt the need to have these feelings witnessed. [wry grin]
Tags: creative, editation, foxe, happy things, spiritual

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