Jalen Strix (jalenstrix) wrote,
Jalen Strix

All right, me lovelies...

....linguistic opinions needed again from the native English speakers among you.

Scenario: Jack goes to the Land of Far, Far Away and sees the Firebird, the Phoenix, and the Hippogriff. Lily then goes there and sees the Firebird and the Phoenix, but not the Hippogriff.

Final State of Affairs:
Jack --> Firebird, Phoenix, Hippogriff.
Lily --> Firebird, Phoenix

A dwarf of questionable reliability comes up to you, commenting on this state of affairs.

Dwarf: "Lily saw what Jack saw in the Land of Far, Far Away."

Is what the dwarf said true or false?


A different dwarf, also of questionable reliability, comes up to you and responds to the original dwarf's comment.

Dwarf v.2: "Lily didn't see what Jack saw in the Land of Far, Far Away."

Is what this second dwarf said true or false?

As always, thank you for your linguistic indulgence.
Tags: academic, linguistics

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