Jalen Strix (jalenstrix) wrote,
Jalen Strix

Lily and Jack and the dwarfs (linguistic foo)

Once again, I canvas the native speakers among you (and non-native speakers with near-native fluency) for your linguistic judgments. (Though I do ask you to tell me if you're non-native with near-native fluency just in case this ends up marking a difference in judgment.)

Also: If you have had serious logic/semantics background, could you also let me know? (I suspect this might have more influence than the native/non-native difference.)

I thank you all in advance, and give you heaps of academic love.


Jack travels to the Land of Far, Far Away, and sees the Firebird, the Griffin, and the Unicorn.

Lily is talking with Hoggle, a dwarf of dubious reliability.
Lily: "What did Jack see in the Land of Far, Far Away?"
Hoggle: "Jack saw the Firebird and the Griffin."

Question 1: Was Hoggle telling the truth?

Higgle, another dwarf of dubious reliability, turns to Sarah and says, "Hoggle told Lily what Jack saw in the Land of Far, Far Away."

Question 2: Was Higgle telling the truth?

Haggle, a third dwarf of dubious reliability, runs up to Sarah and says, "Hoggle didn't tell Lily what Jack saw in the Land of Far, Far Away."

Question 3: Was Haggle telling the truth?
Tags: academic, linguistics

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