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Jack and Lily, Thieves at Large [linguistic foo]

It's judgment collecting time again, everyone. Heaps of academic love to you in advance, as always.


1) Please tell me if you are a native or non-native English speaker.
2) Please do not look at other people's responses before you give your own.

::insert more academic love here::

Jack and Lily are both thieves. They recently visited a giant's castle and went on a stealing spree. As they're on their way back home, news of their escapades reaches the village. Two dwarves are betting with each other on the outcome of the stealing spree.

Hoggle, who doesn't believe Jack and Lily have similar tastes, says: "If Lily stole what Jack stole, I'll stand on my head for a day."

Higgle, who feels they probably do have similar tastes, replies: "If Lily didn't steal what Jack stole, I'll hop on one foot for an entire night."

When Lily and Jack return, they show everyone what they stole.

Jack: enchanted carpet, firebird feather, golden harp, ruby ring, silver apple
Lily: enchanted carpet, firebird feather, ruby ring

Question 1: Does Hoggle have to stand on his head for a day?
Question 2: Does Higgle have to hop on one foot for an entire night?

Note: No partial penalties, please. Either the dwarves lose their respective bets or they don't.

Tags: academic, linguistics

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