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All right, me speakers of English...

...I think I've finally gathered enough data to debug some of the more devastating problems with my method of questioning. So, here's the plan:

1) I have (or will have shortly) 6 little storylets like the ones you've been reading lately.
2) Each storylet will have a single statement at the end that I'll ask you about (is it true, is it false, is it misleading, etc.).
3) You can be a native or non-native speaker (but I do need for you to tell me which you are).

So, if you'd be interested in helping out a poor linguistics graduate student on her eternal quest to get reasonable data from speakers of English, please send me e-mail at firesylph AT gmail DOT com. (If you've already participated in previous data quests, feel free to comment here and say, "It's okay to send me this one.")

::academic love. lots. really. with the love::
Tags: academic, grumbling, linguistics, personality

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