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Things Learned This Weekend

1) Tattoos hurt more the higher up the spine you go. Not much, but some.
2) Foxe and I apparently kick ass dancing the Hustle. (Yay, second place at the competition.)
3) When you and the Lincoln Towncar in front of you stop suddenly because people at the head of the entrance ramp stop instead of merging, and the pick-up truck behind you does not stop, you end up with a very crunchy car. My poor likely-totaled car. (Side note: Neither Foxe nor I had to go the ER, so we're okay. We're just getting checking out by Knowledgeable Physicians (TM) this week to make sure.)
4) My auto insurance rocks. Oh yes it does.
Tags: creative, dancing, foxe, glee, grumbling, happy things

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