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Tai Chi Goodness

Ah...so much fun. Except for the freezing cold outside part. But that just means I need more clothing next time. Mmm...and must practice walking, and shifting weight, and liquid movement. Ah, I do love the flow, though - and my balance will improve, I'm sure, after a bit.

And meanwhile, I've gotten re-acquainted with Robert, whom I met in dance class last semester. He has promised to teach me international style ballroom in trade for american style, which I learn from Karen. Und sprecht er das deutsch sehr schoen. Das freut mich. And he's socially narcoleptic like me - Robert, I adore you! Ha ha! Falling asleep during movies after 11pm!

Beyond that, I am busy, busy this weekend. Which I quite like. It's a good pace, and there's just enough time for downtime. Ah...sweet activity.
Tags: foxe, happy things

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