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Why must everything break at once?

Example 1: Car broken (last Sunday).

Well, smashed, actually. But that has been fixed after much energy put into insurance company, and new car buying.

Example 2: Cat broken.

My poor little black kitty seems to be spitting up blood and crying all the time. We think he swallowed something, and are having the vet check him out today.

Example 3: Sweetheart broken.

My Foxe seems to have some strange stomach infection foo that will likely require surgery in the near future. Doctor's appt this morning and MRI tonight.

And this on top of a billion things to do because my ling students, professors, and the majority of the other ling TAs wait until the frickin' last minute to do everything.

::frazzle frazzle stress stress::
Tags: cat, foxe, grumbling

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